The website is a publication of the musée du quai Branly – Jacques Chirac.
Publication director :
Emmanuel KASARHÉROU, president

Scientific and editorial coordination :
Heritage and collections Department
Anne-Solène ROLLAND, director
Hélène JOUBERT, head of the African Heritage Unit
Gaëlle BEAUJEAN, ‎Africa Collections responsible
Nicolas GARNIER, head of the Oceanian Heritage Unit
Stephanie LECLERC-CAFFAREL, Oceania Collections responsible
Constance DE MONBRISON, Oceania Collections responsible

Responsible for publication :
Communications Department
Myriam SIMONNEAUX, director
Anne-Cécile GUTHMANN, head of the Digital division

Iconographic research coordination:
Florent PAPIN, mission head
David SEGUIN, deputy director of the heritage and collections departement, head of preservation and collections management

Digital project management :
Anne-Cécile GUTHMANN, head of the Digital division
Rose-Marie JUTEAU, digital project manager

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